Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Puzzle Fifty-One: How Did They Do That? (meta)

The answer to this month's meta challenge is a nine-letter word. 

Submit your answers at before Tuesday, March 29 at 12 PM EST at

And here's something new I'm testing out. Before you submit your answer, you can make sure it's correct by using the following answer checker link:

I've also been posting some mini-metas for #enigmarch in this Twitter thread (SPOILERS: the answers to some of the earlier puzzles are included in the thread):

And on Sunday, April 3 be on the lookout for a Universal puzzle by me in those papers that carry the Universal 15x Sunday puzzle, as well as online, where it shouldn't be too tough to find.

Finally, introducing MIDI CONTROLLER, a booklet of 15 midi puzzles for you to print and solve at home (or just solve the included .puz files). 

This month's contest winners will receive both a Lexicon Devil sticker and a print copy of MIDI CONTROLLER.

.puz / PDF

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