Thursday, June 27, 2024

Puzzle Eighty-Five: Start the Day Off Right (meta)

Excerpt from "Breakfast: A History," by Heather Arndt Anderson

The meta answer is a breakfast food. Submit answers (and get .puz and PDF) via Crosshare applet below. Deadline is Tuesday, July 2 at 12 PM EST. 

Check out my recent puzzle "Get the Digits" at Spyscape

And, as mentioned last month:

the second issue of the Lexicon Devil midi crossword zine, Midi Controller, is here! It's fifteen 9x9 midis with a little Easter egg tying them all together. Your download will include a PDF of the zine that you can print out and staple yourself, as well as .puz files and individual PDFs. It's pay what you wish, but a little financial contribution always helps. 

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