Thursday, July 15, 2021

Puzzle Thirty-Two: Summer Accessories (meta)

Hello solvers!

Be on the lookout for this Saturday's Universal crossword, entitled "Initial Directions," by yours truly. It features a grid that I'm particularly happy with. Many thanks to David Steinberg and Amanda Rafkin for their deft editing. 

It's time for another meta. Week 3 difficulty maybe?

The meta answer is a five-letter word for something you're likely to see at the beach in the summer. 

Thanks to Abide for test-solving.

Submit your responses before Tuesday, July 20 at 12 PM EST at the link below:

PDF / puz

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Puzzle Thirty-One: Rare Design (Grid Charlemagne #1)

Back in May, Adam Aaronson released the first Grid Charlemagne – as you might expect, a Steely-Dan-themed crossword puzzle. Another followed in early June. Chris Adams got in on the action as well and now so have I. Apologies if you aren't down with the Dan. There is no .puz file posted because this design requires the AmuseMe applet. If you'd like a PDF, you can print that from within the applet as well. Enjoy. (And thanks to Chris and Quiara for test-solving.)

Puzzle Eighty-Seven: List of Peasant Revolts (themeless)

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