Sunday, September 26, 2021

Puzzle Thirty-Five: Put Your Foot Down (meta)

Why spend time searching for free clip art when
you can simply draw the image yourself on your phone

Hello solvers!

It's time for another meta. Week 2 this time.

The meta answer is a classic video game that debuted in 1998

Submit your responses before THURSDAY, September 30 at 12 PM EST at the link below:

PDF / puz

This was a hard puzzle to finish constructing. You may have noticed that there was no August meta puzzle, and no announcement regarding the same. I simply overextended myself with work, family and other puzzle commitments to the point where I ran out of the mental energy to construct a good meta for quite some time. They require at least twice as much time and planning as a regular blog puzzle. Hopefully the slump is over? 

In any event, some of the products of my other constructing labor appeared recently. I had last week's Spyscape puzzle and last Monday Will Nediger's blog Bewilderingly featured a puzzle I co-constructed with the great Kate Chin Park, aka Kate Schmate of Crosswords Schmosswords

As noted in the last meta email, I added a few optional questions to the form in hopes of getting a little more info about your solving experience. If you need a nudge to finish the puzzle, you can now note that on the form and exempt yourself from the drawing if you wish.  

Have you won a previous week's contest and not received your sticker? If so, I apologize - I'm STILL behind in mailing out the stickers. Please email me (if you haven't already)! It will speed up the process of catching up.

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