Sunday, May 23, 2021

Puzzle Twenty-Nine: California Roll (freestyle)

Bonus puzzle today outside of the standard biweekly schedule. This past week saw the publication of a number of themelesses (see, e.g., Trent's and Quiara's) with equally rounded-off corners, what some call "cookie grids" and I privately think of as "sushi grids." I had been meaning to post this puzzle on a future date and figured I would bump it up. A slightly easier version has already appeared in Volume 2 of my puzzles in Redstone Games's Crossword Puzzle Free iPhone and Android app (there's also a paid version). 

It's about a year old at this point and contains three or four entries I might not use now, but I'm still fond of the long entries and one crossing in particular, though I can't say which without spoiling things. Hope you enjoy. 64 words / 43 blocks / 5/69 avg. length. 

puz / PDF

Friday, May 21, 2021

Puzzle Twenty-Eight: Opening Rounds (meta)

It's pretty hard to find clip art for this one without giving the answer away.

It's time for another meta. I'll call this one a Week 2.5. 

The meta answer is a two-word game. Submit your responses before Tuesday, May 25 at 12 PM EST at the link below:

Two winners will receive LD stickers.

Feel free to email with questions and comments.

Hint Policy: I don't give individual nudges. But if I get enough word from solvers that they're stuck, I will generally post one or more additional hints on the page and a notice of same on XWordMuggles, /r/crossword, and the Crosscord Discord server. So let me know if you're stuck, and where.

Congratulations to Puzzle 26 winners KitchenDiva and LuckyGuest! I'll post the explanation shortly.


Friday, May 7, 2021

Puzzle Twenty-Seven: Shades of Red (freestyle)

Memorial to 32-Down in Zwickau, Saxony

Another freestyle on the hard side. 68 words.  Average word length 5.5 letters. Thanks to Quiara V. of QVXwordz for test-solving. She's got a new themeless up today so go solve that one too. 

TW: communism.


Puzzle Eighty-Seven: List of Peasant Revolts (themeless)

  New themeless with an unexpectedly literary bent.  .puz / PDF I have a new collection of 10 themelesses with easier clues on the Redst...