Sunday, May 23, 2021

Puzzle Twenty-Nine: California Roll (freestyle)

Bonus puzzle today outside of the standard biweekly schedule. This past week saw the publication of a number of themelesses (see, e.g., Trent's and Quiara's) with equally rounded-off corners, what some call "cookie grids" and I privately think of as "sushi grids." I had been meaning to post this puzzle on a future date and figured I would bump it up. A slightly easier version has already appeared in Volume 2 of my puzzles in Redstone Games's Crossword Puzzle Free iPhone and Android app (there's also a paid version). 

It's about a year old at this point and contains three or four entries I might not use now, but I'm still fond of the long entries and one crossing in particular, though I can't say which without spoiling things. Hope you enjoy. 64 words / 43 blocks / 5/69 avg. length. 

puz / PDF

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