Thursday, February 10, 2022

Puzzle Forty-Eight: Front Nine

Lightly themed 72-worder this week - also available in the R. Allen Vol. 4 puzzle pack on the Redstone Games Crossword app (App Store / Google Play Store). I also have a Vol. 1 of 5x5 mini puzzles available on the app, samples of which appeared here and here on Crosshare this past week.

(Does this puzzle look like a cheerful bunny? Yes. Is that related to the theme at all? No. When you use left-right mirror symmetry on a 15x15 grid it's remarkable how frequently you produce something that looks like a bunny or a panda bear.)

I also released some new music on my Bandcamp site a few weeks ago. It's free to stream and pay-what-you-wish to download. If you're solving in the applet below, you should give it a spin - I think it makes good solving music. 

PDF / puz

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