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How often are you going to post puzzles?

My current plan is to post free full-size puzzles twice monthly. The first will alternate between themed and themeless. The second will be a meta puzzle with a contest. There will be a leaderboard on the site and there will be prizes. The meta will vary in difficulty from easy to moderately difficult. 

There will likely be others added to the rotation for subscribers, but more to come on that later. 

So the name "Lexicon Devil" means the puzzles are going to be really hard, right?

No! There will be a whole range of difficulties. I enjoy both making and solving fun, straightforward puzzles as well as knottier ones, and in fact, it's often harder to construct the former rather than the latter. 

So where does the name Lexicon Devil come from?

It's the name of a Germs song. There's a certain power in mysterious sequences of words that people have long feared. What do they mean? What do they do? What is the intent of the person who created them?

It says "Ricky Billingsgate" over here but over here it says "Richard..."

Ricky Billingsgate is my musical alias (see also Ricky D, Ricky Dollars, Ambivalent Ricky). I've taken to using it for some puzzle purposes to minimize confusion with my professional Internet presence and those of people who share my extraordinarily common given name.

Feel free to download some tracks on Bandcamp. 

How would you describe the general vibe of your puzzles?

I probably have a darker sense of humor and a greater interest in trivia and ephemera than your average constructor. I like sports a lot less and music a lot more than your average constructor. I'm on the left politically. I know embarrassingly little about video games and although I read comics in junior high and high school the only superhero movies I've seen in the past two decades are "The Dark Knight" and the 2002 "Spider-Man" with Tobey Maguire. 

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